Juliana Haber

Juliana Haber


Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology

Major Professor

Lindsay H. Allen

  • B.S. in Nutrition Science (UCD) 2010

Previous relevant employment experience

Research Associate, USDA ARS (UCD), Laboratory of Dr. Lindsay Allen; Research Associate for the Packard Pediatric Weight Control Program, Stanford Prevention Research Center; Research Associate, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health, Laboratory of Professor Dr. Barbara Laraia;  Investigator, International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b); Intern, Mother and Infant Nutrition, Infant Feeding Study at UCD under Professor Kathryn G. Dewey; Intern, UC Davis (Biochemical Nutrition under Professor Dr. Andrew J. Clifford; Animal Biochemistry under Professor Chris C. Calvert; Nutritional Biology under Laura Fischer); Teaching Assistant, UC Davis, for class titled  ‘Animal Biochemical Metabolism’; Teaching Assistant, UC Davis,  for class titled ‘Nutritional Assessment’;  English Teacher, Volunteer Tibet (taught English at a Buddhist Monastery to students aged ~10 - ~40. Focuses included basic grammar, spelling, and vocabulary); Assistant and Trainee; Dr. Ashwin Shastry at Arogya Niketana, India (participated in clinical practice focused on Ayurvedic Treatment including preparation of medicines and assistance in patient care).

Research Interests

Maternal and infant nutrition, breast milk quality assessment, dietary assessment, micronutrient metabolism, agro-nutritional public heath interventions, food systems

Current Research

Ms. Haber's dissertation study examines the relative impact of maternal diet compared to biomarkers of nutritional status on breast milk micronutrient content in lactating Guatemala women. This study also examines the relationship between breast milk micronutrient content and infant nutritional status during the time of exclusive breastfeeding in Guatemalan infants. Two sub studies will be carried out as part of this project, including one which examines the effectiveness of LNS at increasing the content of select micronutrients in milk, and one which examines the day to day variation in milk nutrient content.