Current Students

Jennie Davis

Research Interests: Maternal and child nutrition, child feeding behaviors, international and community nutrition program development and evaluation, nutrition intervention programs, nutrition education.

Caitlin French

Research Interests: Interactions in host and microbial metabolism, maternal/ early child nutrition, cognitive development and nutrition behavior

Megan Grimes

Research interest: Maternal/early child nutrition, micronutrients and malnutrition, nutrition interventions in low-income populations

Andrew Matchado

Research Interests: Nutrition and non-communicable disease in low income setting

Cesaire T. Ouedraogo

Research Interests: Human nutrition and public health with focus on 1) maternal and child nutrition, 2) interactions between micronutrient deficiencies and infection, and 3) stable isotope techniques for body composition, breastfeeding and micronutrient deficiencies assessment.

Barkat Ullah

Research Interests: Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition. Infant and Young Child Feeding.

Rochelle Werner

Research Interests: Maternal and infant nutrition, dietary assessment, and implementation science

Demewoz Haile Woldegebreal

Research Interests: Implementation Science, Maternal and Child nutrition, Economics of Nutrition: Bio-economic modeling for nutrition, Nutrition intervention and Behavior change programs, Nutritional assessment and Nutritional epidemiology.